AFL-CIO issues privatization opposition statement


As the issue of privatization of Lambert International Airport taxies forward, the AFL-CIO has issued a strong statement opposing privatization in a more limited model at the Orlando International Airport.

In St. Louis, the city is studying whether to privatize the entire operations of the airport, something opposed by the Service Employees and Unite Here, which represents restaurant and hotel workers here.

In Orlando, the effort is focused only on privatizing the TSA workforce.

The AFL-CIO weighed in with this assessment of privatization efforts in Orland and nationwide:

“The AFL-CIO fully supports the efforts of the American Federation of Government Employees as they fight the harmful privatization efforts against TSA workers at Orlando International Airport. The training and dedication of our union brothers and sisters keep millions of airline passengers safe.

“Privatization efforts across the country put people’s safety in jeopardy and are nothing more than schemes to line the pockets of greedy corporations at the expense of working people.”


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