American Labor Merit Badge workshop Feb. 9


Area Scouts interested in earning the American Labor Merit Badge are encouraged to participate in a day-long workshop Saturday, Feb. 9, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Electrical Training Center at 2300 Hampton Ave., St. Louis 63139.

A free lunch will be provided.

Thirty Scouts participated in an American Labor Merit Badge workshop last summer at Beaumont Scout Reservation in Eureka.


In order to earn the American Labor Merit Badge, Scouts must:

• Learn about working people and work-related concerns including working conditions, workplace safety, hours, wages, seniority, job security, equal opportunity employment and discrimination, guest workers, automation and technologies that replace workers, unemployment, layoffs, outsourcing, and employee benefits such as health care, child care, profit sharing, and retirement benefits.

• Visit the office or attend a meeting of a local union, a central labor council or employee organization, or contact one of these organizations via the Internet. (For the workshop, Hammond and Bundren represented their local.)

• Explain what labor unions are, what they do, and what services they provide to members.

• Explain the adversarial model of labor-management relations vs. a cooperative-bargaining style.

• Explain the term globalization and its effect on workers.

• Choose a labor issue currently in the news of widespread interest to American workers, explain both sides of the issue and summarize the basic rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, including union members and nonunion members.

• Discuss the different goals that may motivate the owners of a business, its stockholders, its customers, its employees, the employees’ representatives, the community, and public officials and explain why agreements and compromises are made and how they affect each group in achieving its goals.

• Learn about opportunities in the field of Labor relations, choose a career in which they are interested and discuss with their counselor the major responsibilities, qualifications, education, and training the position requires.


Scouts participating in the Feb. 9 workshop should complete requirements 5 and 7 of the American Labor Merit Badge prior to attending this skill center.

By the end of the Day, a completed American Labor Merit Badge worksheet will be required to earn the Merit Badge.

All requirements will be met at the seminar except requirements 5 and 7.


Bernie Ryan, of IBEW Local 1, is coordinating the program. To register, email


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