Bricklayers Local 1 brothers JT and Jacob Payne take 1st Place again in Regional Bricklayer 500

WINNERS, AGAIN: In the annual Regional Bricklayer 500 skills contest, Bricklayers Local 1 again scored big with the First Place winning team of J.T. Payne (at right) and his brother, apprentice tender Jakob Payne (at left). Both, last year’s champions in the same contests, are employed by Local 1 signatory contractor Foeste Masonry, Inc. whose owners, Judy and Kenny Foeste proudly display the winners’ $700 award check. The Paynes will represent Local 1 in the World Championships in Las Vegas next January.

OTHER LOCAL 1 WINNERS: Second Place went to the team of Journeymen Terry Daniel and Brandon Palmer, (both employed by Local 1 Signatory Contractor John J. Smith Masonry); Third Place was won by Journeymen Adam Loeffler and Michael McAlexander (both employed by Local 1 Signatory Contractor Harlan Masonry). The Top Craftsman Award, a separate contest, went to the winning team of Journeymen Shane Bredensteiner and William Tackaberry (both employed by Local 1 Signatory Contractor J.D.S. Masonry).
– BAC ADC of Eastern Missouri – Locals 1 & 18 photo

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