Bricklayers Local 1 calls out Harambee Tuckpointing for paying below area standards on the Beaumont project


BRICKLAYERS LOCAL 1 recently posted a job action against the Beaumont Building (formerly the AT&T Building) located at Locust and Beaumont in downtown St. Louis. The General Contractor on the project, Altman Charter, hired non-signatory contractor Harambee Tuckpointing, which pays below area standard wages and benefits negotiated by Local 1, to do work on this project. Bricklayer Wasim Aziz volunteered his time to assist with the job action and deliver the message to the public. Local 1 Field Representative Mark Savage extended a special “thank you” to Aziz and all the local trades that walked off the job on June 29 in support of the Bricklayers-Ironworkers Local 396, Carpenters Regional Council, Sheet Metal Workers Local 36, IBEW Local 1 Electricians, Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 and Roofers Local 2. – Bricklayers Local 1 photo



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