Bricklayers Local 1 honors Lifetime Members


Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Administrative District Council (BAC ADC) honored its Lifetime Members with Gold Card Service Awards at the union’s June 5 retirees luncheon. Retirees who were able to attend the event with BAC ADC of Eastern Missouri officers were (seated from left) Lifetime Members Ed Titsworth, Richard Biermann, Lester Flieg, Earl Stephens. and Thomas Hicks. Standing (from left) are ADC officers Local 1 President and Field Representative Michael Fox, Sr., BAC ADC of Eastern Missouri Secretary Treasurer John Hopkin, BAC ADC of Eastern Missouri Director Brian Jennewein, Local 1 Vice President and Field Representative Johnny Walker, Jr., Local 1 Recording Secretary and Field Representative Mark Savage and Tile, Marble & Terrazzo Workers’ Local 18 of Missouri President and Field Representative Mike Weber. Unable to attend were Gold Card recipients Joseph Gravagna, James Holt, Thomas McManemy, Jr., Eugene Miller, Orville Oldfather, Danny Pratt and Willie Shelton. – Arteaga Photos photo


  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if I could get some information. My grandfather was a retired bricklayer and my dad was a plasterer for 15 years. I’m 60 and had a massive stroke 5 years ago. I work every day for small improvements. Never give up. I want to build a brick peered wrought iron fence in my back yard. Most think it’s impossible. One obstacle is moving brick and concrete block around. I’m thinking of a 4 wheeled platform or cart of sorts that I can push around and then read up on how the union would build those peers. I could even raise or lower the platform if building a wall. Or motorized it. I’m on Medicare now so funds are limited. So my question are:

    Do you know if any such cart?
    Is it possible to build one?
    Where can I learn the right way to build peers, walls and hell maybe a garage?
    Any other things that may help a 1 armed man

    My Dad was a union man his whole life and I appreciate what it provided,

    Mick Newsham


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