Bricklayers Local 1 strike having an impact

Bricklayers Picket1Contractors dumping the MCA, signing with Local 1 as independents

Bricklayers Local 1’s strike against the Mason Contractors Association is having an impact on the group.

On Friday, two large contractors – Superior Waterproofing and Restoration and B&K Tuckpointing Co. – resigned from the MCA and signed with Local 1 as independents.

Local 1 is striking the MCA for the third time in as many contracts to protect hard-won benefits for their members.

Some 850 Local 1 bricklayers went on strike May 31 following the expiration of their previous four-year contract with the MCA expired.

A key issue in the talks is the Bricklayers’ pension plan.

“Our major issue is their attempt to eliminate our defined benefit plan,” Brown said. “We are ready to find a workable, reasonable solution over many issues, but we are not going to let the contractors destroy our pension plan.”

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  • Thanks for standing up and maintaining a standard for working Americans.


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