Cardinals step up to plate to support UNITE HERE Local 74 concession workers with $1 million grant


Blues still a holdout; urge them to score by doing the same

UNITE HERE Local 74, representing the 1,500 concessions workers who serve St. Louis Cardinals fans at Busch Stadium, has won a major victory for their members, Local 74 President Kevin McNatt announced as the Labor Tribune went to press.

After weeks of negotiations with Sports Service, the management company contracted by the Cardinals who actually hire Local 74 members at the stadium, the Cardinals have agreed to create a $1 million relief fund via their Cardinal Care Foundation for Local 74 members who qualify.

The fund will be available for concession workers, guards, cleaning crews, parking attendants and emergency medical workers.

“We are most appreciative of the Cardinals recognition of the important role their concession workers play in the fan enjoyment of their games,” McNatt said, adding, “President Bill DeWitt III and Vice President Community Relations Michael Hall are to be complimented for their concern and willingness to help their part-time workers in this critical time.”

“However, the St. Louis Blues have not yet responded to our requests for the same support for our members working their games,” McNatt said. He urged St. Louis Blues fans to call or write the Blues and ask them to step up and score one for their valuable concession workers. You can email or call the Administrative Offices at (314) 622-5400 or Blues Community Relations at (314) 552-4551.

“The delay of the both the baseball and hockey seasons create tremendous hardships on these hard-working people, many of whom are themselves die-hard fans and have enjoyed working at Cardinals and Blues games for decades,” McNatt said.

“We are calling on the Blues to score by supporting their concession workers to help them survive in this difficult time,” McNatt added.

Through their Cardinals Care community foundation, the $1 million donation by the team establishes a grant fund to support 2020 seasonal and game-day Busch Stadium contract employees, Local 74 members.

To be eligible for the grant, Local 74 members will have to:

  • Be a 2020 Busch Stadium contract employee, i.e. an employee of a contractor or vendor of the St. Louis Cardinals, LLC who performed or expected to perform work or services at Busch Stadium during the 2020 baseball season.
  • Have experienced financial hardship due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a qualifying event.

To apply go to Anyone having questions can email them to



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