CAUTION: RTW states are less family safe

One in four of the top 25 ‘worst’ states for overall safety are RTW


Safety is something we want to take for granted. But when it comes to overall safety, measuring 37 key safety indicators in five major categories that include critical financial, work, personal and residential areas of concern, living in a so-called “right-to-work” state is far less family safe than living in a non-RTW state.

In looking at the 25 “best” and “worst” states for overall safety:


• RTW – 19 of the 25 worst states (76 percent) are RTW states, considered to be the “worst” states for overall safety.

• WITHOUT RTW – only six of the 25 worst states (24 percent) with NO RTW law are in the “worst” half of all states for a family’s overall safety.


• WITHOUT RTW – 17 of the 25 best states (68 percent) with NO RTW law are considered to be the “best” states for a family’s overall safety.

• RTW – only eight of the 25 best states (32 percent) are RTW states ranking in the “best” category for a family’s overall safety.

Missouri is already ranked fifth for least overall family safety in America. Reaching for Number One in this category is certainly nothing to strive for. Voting “NO” on Prop A will at least help us hold the line and perhaps encourage our legislators to begin doing something to move us closer to a “Best State” ranking.

On Aug. 7, voters will vote on Prop A, the ballot issue to determine whether RTW becomes the law of Missouri.


Prop. A (RTW) is not what it seems. Don’t trust it. It weakens unions, forces Missouri workers to accept lower wages and benefits, and broadens the gap between working families and wealthy CEOs.

Prop. A (RTW) will drive down wages for Missouri families, making it harder to make ends meet, and will cost jobs by making it harder for private sector employers, like UPS, Anheuser-Bush, Boeing and others to negotiate with workers and effectively manage their business.

Vote NO on Prop. A to protect your pay.

Vote NO on Prop. A to defeat RTW.


Prop. A (RTW) is currently scheduled to appear on the  Aug. 7 election ballot, when traditionally fewer voters turn out to the polls.

Don’t let this cynical maneuver prevent you from voting.

It’s critical that every eligible voter in every union family in Missouri is registered to vote. July 11 is the last day to register.

Get registered so you and your family can Vote NO on Prop. A.


This is one of many similar “Best/Worst” state studies by the professional research staff at WalletHub, a financial services site whose features also offer insights on a diverse variety of community of subjects.

In order to determine the overall safest states in which to live, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 50 states across five key dimensions:

• Personal & Residential Safety

• Financial Safety

• Road Safety

• Workplace Safety

• Emergency Preparedness

Data used to create the ranking were collected from the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal Bureau of Investigation, TransUnion, Parents for Megan’s Law, U.S. Fire Administration, Administration for Community Living – Aging Integrated Database, United Health Foundation, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, U.S. Department of Labor – Employment and Training Administration, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, The Road Information Program, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, U.S. Department of Labor – Occupational Safety and Health Administration, National Centers for Environmental Information, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, FINRA Investor Education Foundation and CoreLogic.

The evidence is clear, Prop. A (RTW) will not only fail to create jobs and drive down wages and benefits, living under RTW is less safe for you and your family.

Vote NO on Prop. A on Aug. 7 to defeat RTW.

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