Cement Masons Local 527 apprentices lend hand to repair steps at St. Louis NECA

TRAINING OPPORTUNITY: When Cement Masons Union Local 527 Apprenticeship Instructor Scott Downs learned that the back steps were deteriorating at the St. Louis Chapter of the National Electrical Contractor Association (NECA), he rounded up a group of first-year apprentices and turned the project into a training opportunity. St. Louis NECA gave Downs and his group of apprentices a shout out on Facebook for lending a helping hand at the building located at 3245 Hampton Ave. in St. Louis. Assisting in the project were Cement Mason apprentices (from left) Tim Scheldt, Conner Dunn, Wiley Peyton, Colton David, Donovan Trombley, Anthony Henson, Christian Ramirez-Cortes, Jaime Christian and Instructor Downs. – St. Louis NECA photo


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