Cement Masons Local 527 apprentices volunteer services for Florissant’s historic Bockrath-Wiese House

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Florissant, MO – Cement Masons Local 527 first-year apprentices spent a couple weeks last month volunteering their services to give the historic Bockrath-Wiese House here new sidewalks and a handicap-accessible patio.

The city-owned German farmhouse built before 1870 is located in St. Ferdinand Park and had fallen into disrepair because of city budget restraints. Historic Florissant, Inc. is partnering with Florissant to help restore the property.

Scott Downs, Local 527 apprentice coordinator, learned about the need for the services from Local 527 Instructor Jeff Caputa, who also serves as Ward 4 Florissant Councilman.

“Thank you to Scott and Jeff and all of those from the Cement Masons Local 527 that came out to help work on the Wiese House project,” the city shared on its Facebook page. “Also, a shoutout to Mann Meats for feeding these hard workers.”

While the city intends to budget for basic structural restoration, more immediate funding is needed for plaster, wood, paint, cleaning supplies, lighting, plumbing and furnishings. If you would like to donate or volunteer, call 314-565-1468.
 (Photos courtesy of the City of Florissant)


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