Columbia water distribution workers, organizing with Laborers Local 955, getting close to a contract with the city


Columbia, MO – Water distribution workers here, represented by Laborers (LiUNA) Local 955, have made significant strides with Columbia city leaders in their efforts to negotiate a first contract, the union says.

The workers are seeking higher wages and better working conditions.

Local 955 Business Representative Andrew Hutchinson said the union hopes to finalize a contract with the city by the end of the year.

“The city is willing to have a discussion on how we can move these workers into the collective bargaining agreement in a way that is equitable, that transitions them, and does not disadvantage them,” Hutchinson said. 

Water distribution workers requested the city recognize their intent to join the union in July. The city voluntarily recognized water distribution workers as members of Local 955 on Oct. 10.

Local 955 represents around 250 workers in the city.

Hutchinson said the new bargaining agreement would impact 23 City of Columbia water distribution workers.



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