COPE endorsed candidates for the Missouri municipal elections April 8

Following are the Missouri COPE endorsed candidates and propositions approved by the St. Louis Labor Council and approved by Labor Council delegates for the general municipal election April 8. Incumbents are marked with an asterisk (*).


Your Vote ButtonCity of Dardenne Prairie

Ward 2                                            Michael W. MacCormack

City of Foley

Mayor                                             Keith Vertrees

Ward 2                                           Deana Parsons

Lake St. Louis

Ward 1                                           Gary Torlina *

Lake St. Louis Fire District #15

Board of Directors                        Michael Pendergast

City of O’Fallon

Ward 1                                            Bill Gardner *

Ward 2                                            Rose Mack *

Ward 3                                            John Haman Jr.

Ward 4                                            Bob Howell *

Ward 5                                            Mike Pheney *

Ward 5 – 2yr                                  Open

O’Fallon Fire District #11

Board of Directors                        Matthew Simmons *

City of St. Charles

Ward 1                                            Mary Ann Ohms *

Ward 2                                            Larry Muench

Ward 3                                            Laurie Feldman *

Ward 4                                            Mary West *

Ward 5                                            John Hanneke

St. Charles School District

Propositions S & L                        Yes

St. Charles Community College

Board of Trustees                          Pamela Cilek

Board of Trustees                          William T. Lohmar Jr. *

St. Charles Ambulance

District 5                                           Jim Ottomeyer *

Proposition E                                  Yes

City of Weldon Spring

Ward 1                                             Bruce Robb *

City of Wentzville

Ward 1                                            Open

Ward 3                                            Linda L. Wright

Wentzville School District

Board of Directors                        Courtney Tieman

Fort Zumwalt School District

Board of Directors                        John Callahan

Board of Directors                        Renee Porter *

Board of Directors                        Brent Meyers

Francis Howell School District

Board of Directors                         Mark Lafata *

Board of Directors                         Rene Cope

Board of Directors                         Chad Lange

Orchard Farms School District

Board of Directors                         Casey Otto *

Board of Directors                         Margaret “Molly” Schad

Proposition F (No tax increase)          Yes



images-1City of St. Ann

Alderman, Ward 1                            Steve Erdelen

City of Bellefontaine Neighbors

Councilman, Ward 1                        Shirley Paru *

Councilman, Ward 4                        Willis Dillworth

City of Black Jack

Councilman, Ward 1                        Donald Krank *

Councilman, Ward 4                        Ben Allen *

City of Dellwood

Alderman, Ward 1                            Ellis Fitzwalter *

City of Edmundson

Councilman, Ward #1                      Rhoda Gwaltney

City of Florissant

Councilman, Ward 2                        Tim  Jones

Councilman, Ward 4                        Jeff Caputa *

Councilman, Ward 6                        Gerard Henke

Councilman, Ward 8                         Mark Schmidt *

Ferguson & Florissant School District

School Board                                      Paul Morris *

School Board                                      Rob Chabot *

City of Hazelwood

Councilman, Ward 2                         Bob Aubouchon

Councilman, Ward 4                         Mike Conley

Councilman, Ward 6                         Butch Taylor

Councilman, Ward 8                         Mary Singleton *

Hazelwood School District

School Board                                    Ann Gibbons *

School Board                                    Charles (Chuck) Woods *

School Board                                    Dr. Brenda Youngblood *

City of Jennings

Councilman, Ward 3                        David Schmerber *

City of Maryland Heights

Mayor                                                  Mike Moeller *

City of Moline Acres

Alderman, Ward 1                            Shonte Young *

City of Overland

Mayor                                                 Mike Schneider *

City of St. Johns

Councilman, Ward 1                        Mark Stief

City of Vinita Park

Mayor                                                 James McGee *

St. Louis Community College

Trustee, Sub District 4                    Libby Fitzgerald*



vote-smart-buttonLindbergh School District

Three-year term                               Donald L. Bee*

Kathleen O’Kienstra*

Vicki Lorenz Englund*

Two-year term                                  Gary Ujka

Proposition G ($34 million bond issue)         Yes

Mehlville School District

Three-year term                               Venki Palamand

Samantha Stormer

Jean Pretto

Webster Groves School District

Three-year term                               Michael Shipley

David Addison*

St. Louis Community College

Trustee, Sub District 4                     Libby Fitzgerald*



City of Pacific

Mayor:                                                  Herbert Adams *

Rockwood School District

Board of Education                            Matt Doell *

Board of Education                            Keith Kinder *

Board of Education                            Dominique A Paul



your-vote-countsCity of Arnold

Councilperson, Ward 1                     Nancy Crisler *

Councilperson, Ward 2                     Brian K. McArthur

Councilperson, Ward 3                     Paul Freese *

Councilperson, Ward 4                     Kenneth J. Moss *

Treasurer                                             Daniel C. Kroupa *

City of Crystal City

Mayor                                                   Thomas V. Schilly *

Councilman, Ward 1                         Della Selmon *

Councilman, Ward 2                         Charlie DeBoor *

Councilman, Ward 3                         Ken Bradley *

Councilman, Ward 3                         Kenneth Jones

Councilman, Ward 4                         Ken Duncan*

Crystal City School District

Board of Education                           Linda K. Schilly *

City of De Soto

Councilman                                     Rick Lane *

Councilman                                     Werner C. Stiching *

De Soto School District

Board of Education                        Bruce Howard

Board of Education                        Gene Moses *

Board of Education                        John M. Scullin

City of Festus

Councilman, Ward 1                      Gary Underwood *

Festus School District

Board Member                                 Marcus Shepherd *

City of Herculaneum

Alderman, Ward 3                            Rick Elder *

City of Pevely

Alderman, Ward 1                            Steve Markus *

Alderman, Ward 2                            Russell Shackelford *

Alderman, Ward 3                            Donald Menkhus *

Fox C-6 School District

Board of Education                           Dawn Mullins

Board of Education                           John Laughlin *

Board of Education                           Vernon Sullivan

Kingston K-14 School

Board Member                                  Regina C. Buss

Board Member                                  Robin G. Portal

Board Member                                  Tonya Gerulis

Hillsboro School District

Board of Education                           M. Beth Petry

Dunklin School District

Board Member                                  Dawn M. Warner

Board Member                                  Don Thomas

Board Member                                  Tammy Heidland

Northwest School District

Board of Directors                            Gary Barrett

Board of Directors                            Nelson O. Weber *

Board of Directors                            Retta “Susan” Tuggle *

Lion’s Proposition (no tax increase)   Yes     

Antonia Fire Protection District

Director                                              Gregory (Greg) Dohack

Director                                              Mike Hennis

Big River Ambulance District

Board of Directors                           Joshua Williams *

Cedar Hill Fire Protection District

Board of Directors                           Delbert Viehland *

Jefferson County 9-1-1 Dispatch

Board of Directors, 2nd District      John H. Newsome

Board of Directors, 2nd District      Oliver “Glenn” Boyer *

Rock Community Fire Protection District

Director                                               Nathan L. Smith

Rock Township Ambulance District

Board of Directors                            Dan Meyer *

Valle Ambulance District

Board of Director                              Tammie Scullin *

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