Do not patronize Charlie Gitto’s

Charlie Gitto's 1 copyThe Hill Neighborhood – Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill, a favorite meeting and eating spot of union members, families and leaders, has opted to do remodeling with two non-union contractors – T.R.E. Electric and Courtney’s HVAC – and as a result has been added to the St. Louis Building and Construction Trades Council’s “We Do Not Patronize” list.

“Charlie Gitto’s is owned by a second generation family that has done very well in the restaurant business,” said Jeff Aboussie Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Building Trades Council.

“We want all our union members an families to understand that they have turned their backs on the trades when the trades have supported them for so many years as their customers. We hope this helps them understand that we’re going to patronize people who understand the value of using union construction for remodeling work.”

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