Female fire fighter pens new children’s book: ‘Yeah, I can do that’

‘YEAH, I CAN DO THAT ‘– Lane Carl, a member of Fire Fighters Local 2665 at Rock Community Fire Protection District, has written a new children’s book in hopes getting more kids – especially girls – interested in becoming fire fighters. – Labor Tribune photo

Missouri Correspondent

Arnold, MO – Lane Carl, a member of Fire Fighters Local 2665, has released a new children’s book called Yeah, I can do that in hopes getting more kids – especially girls – interested in becoming fire fighters.

Carl, of the Rock Community Fire Protection District, tells her own story in the book, which she wrote and illustrated. It’s about a little girl named Indie, who after meeting a fire fighter at her school’s career day, later decides to be a fire fighter after having a dream in which she tests into the program.

She falls asleep that night and dreams she’s taking practical testing to be a fire fighter and throughout each test she grows more confident like “Oh, I can do that,’’ Carl said. “At the end of the dream, the chief offers her a job and says ‘Can you be here Monday?’”

Indie wakes up from her dream and tells her mom she wants to be a fire fighter when she grows up, Carl explained. Her mom asks if she could really do that and Indie replies with confidence “Yes, I can.”

Carl, of Moscow Mills, spent 12 years as an art and physical education teacher and worked at a local gym. She has worked for Rock Community for three years.

“I had some fire fighters at the gym who convinced me that this is the best career in the world, and that I would be good at it,” she said. “Since I don’t have any family in the industry, I wasn’t even sure it was something I could do. Until you start doing things, and realize you can do it, you just don’t know.”

Carl said since she joined the district, she only knows of a handful of female fire fighters locally. “It’s a small percentage, but it’s growing,” she said. “Hopefully this book will help change that.”

Carl and her husband were trying to come up with ideas for a book project two years ago. They agreed on a children’s book. Her husband suggested she tell her own story, so she created a character and came up with its name.

“Most pictures in our book are from our trainings,” Carl said. “I use some fire terms in it. So there’s a glossary in back. You kind of learn a little bit with it.”

The book, which Carl self-published, is $19.95 and available at ffindieadventures.com. Ten percent of all proceeds will benefit The BackStoppers.

There will be a book signing and meet the author event Oct. 7  from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Rock Community fire house at 3749 Telegraph Road in Arnold. No reservations are needed.

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