First labor participation in Mizzou Homecoming parade

Mizzou Columbia, MO – A LABOR FIRST: This giant 30’x50’America flag was roundly applauded as it paraded through the streets here as part of the Oct. 10 Mizzou Homecoming Parade, the first time a labor union has participated in the parade’s 104-year history, thanks to the efforts of Carpenters Local 1925 aided by Laborers Local 955. “It was our way of saying ‘thanks’ to the University for all the work they’ve given the unions over the years,” said event organizer Rod Sturgeon, a 31-year retiree and former Local 1925 president. “It made our members’ hearts swell with pride from the many veteran’s salutes, clapping, and chants of “USA” that we heard while walking.”

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