Four workshops for unions committed to organizing the unorganized

If your union is interesting in enhancing its organizing capabilities, read on.

Jobs with Justice (JwJ) is sponsoring a series of four on-line programs designed to help organizers “…sharpen your storytelling strategy and upgrade your organizing toolbox with concrete skills.”

The first program, “Narrative Power with the Center for Story-Based Strategy” is next Thursday, Dec. 9 at 5:30 -7 p.m.

JwJ and the Center for Story-based Strategy will work with participants to practice analyzing narratives in the media, understanding what narrative power is and help organizers craft stories that can change the world and win campaigns.

To sign up, go to

Future workshops will include:

Values Triangle: JwJ uses the triangle to access relationships and power. This tool is at the center of how we organize. Every organization and group have a values triangle, we use the tool to access and help us clarify in campaigns, how we are working to disrupt our opposition’s power and build campaigns that help workers win.

One-on-Ones: We all have an entry point into our organizing and activist life, most of us had coffee or met up with an organizer who asked us about our life, about our roots, what we valued and care for in the world. They nurtured our entrance to the movement and made us see ourselves reflected in this space. This was a one-on-one, come through to learn how you can nurture other leaders and activists into the movement.

Power Analysis: We win when we have power, but how do you know what power you and the opposition have? Come learn how to create a clear power analysis to help you win campaigns and advance your work. We will review the Values Triangle and the steps we take at JwJ to analyze the institutions and structures our opposition uses to wield power.

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