Friend of Labor Jill Schupp honored with prestigious NCJW founder’s award

Former senator says fully engaging in Democratic process is critical

IMPORTANCE OF VOTING – Friend of Labor and former Senator Jill Schupp accepts the National Council of Jewish Women’s (NCJW) Hannah G. Soloman Founder’s Award April 3 at The J Performing Arts Center in Creve Coeur. She said that by voting, Americans can create change and invite hope for our future. – Labor Tribune photo

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Friend of Labor and former Democratic Senator Jill Schupp has been honored with the St. Louis chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women’s (NCJW) Hannah G. Soloman Founder’s Award.

Schupp, who served three terms in the Missouri House of Representatives and two terms as senator, was presented with the prestigious award April 3 at the NCJW’s Celebrating Women event held at The J Performing Arts Center in Creve Coeur.

“I want to express my deep gratitude for this meaningful award from NCJW,” Schupp said after receiving the award. “I’m a lifetime member of and take great pride in the work being done here. Done with such care, with such promise and passion, and that is meeting the needs of so many in our community.”

Schupp used her time on stage to deliver a serious message about the threats to our democracy and the importance of being fully engaged in the democratic process by voting, running for office, helping candidates, signing petitions, notarizing petitions and donating.

She reminded the audience of some of the difficult times Americans have lived through, including the assassination of a president, Watergate, still not living up to the promise of our Civil Rights Act, the war in Vietnam, the war on Israel, 9/11, church shootings and school shootings.

“Throughout all of these events and more in my lifetime, I never once thought that they indicated that America’s democracy – this democratic republic – could or might be lost,” Schupp said. “I always believed our America would be a nation of strength, virtue and respectfulness and opportunity for all of America’s kids and grandkids.”

She said the frightening concern began to happen for her during past decade, including  the disintegration of standards of decency and behavior, the lack of response to saving lives in the response to the global pandemic and the attack on the nation’s capitol in 2020.

“We have seen these behaviors before, but none so brazen and blatant in our country,” Schupp said. “And while it seems that the world has been tipping to extreme conservatism, has moved toward chaos at a time that can be so disheartening, I look around and see hopefulness.”

The hopefulness Schupp referred to is that Americans have the ability to fully engage in the democratic process.

“Fully engaging in the democratic process is most critical action every single one of us must take or we potentially lose everything we as Americans have worked for the past 250 years,” she said. “Voting is critical.”

Schupp also noted the importance of voting in every election.

“If not, who do you have left on your school board or as your mayor,” she said. “Every single election matters and makes a difference because voting is the most potent, valuable and effective tool we have to define the course of our future. It’s how we make change and invite hope.”


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