Glaziers Local 513 members pitch in for Rebuilding Together

GLAZIERS LOCAL 513 MEMBERS gave of their time and skills for Rebuilding Together Day, April 24, to help low-income homeowners and retirees make needed repairs. In photo are: standing (L-R) are Glazier members Reese Cohen, Zac Bilyeu, Chad Weber, Brian Stiens and Casey Weber; (Kneeling) L-R is Glazier Local 513 member Ian Stuart and Retired Insulators Local 1 member Kevin FitzGerald. Cohen, Bilyeu and Stuart served apprenticeship within the Local and now are owners of Blues City Glass company.
REESE COHEN, of Glaziers Local 513 prepares to install a new pane of glass as member Ian Stuart works on the inside. The work was done on an elderly woman’s home in Dellwood as one of two homes the Glazier’s group repaired as part of Rebuilding Together.














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