Hoffman and Stuart highlight $5 Million Rebuild Illinois grant to support America’s Central Port

Granite City, IL – State Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-Swansea) and state Rep. Katie Stuart (D-Edwardsville) are applauding the direction of grant funding from the state’s Rebuild Illinois capital program to support the growth and development of America’s Central Port.

“America’s Central Port is a significant contributor to our region’s economy, creating jobs and attracting investment,” Hoffman said. “This investment won’t just help now; it’s helping to further position the Metro East as a national hub in the years to come.”

“A state’s economy is supported by its infrastructure — transport and freight infrastructure in particular,” Stuart said. “By making significant investments in America’s Central Port, we’re setting up the Metro East as a centerpiece of economic growth and greater prosperity for another generation.”

America’s Central Port is one of the largest freight hubs in the Midwest, taking advantage of access to major railroads, four U.S. interstates, two multi-modal harbors and dozens of area manufacturers. Under Rebuild Illinois, the port is in line to receive $5 million through the Illinois Megasites Investment Program to purchase additional land and further develop.

The $5 million in state funding is expected to be matched by the port, securing $10 million in total for the effort.

“When the state makes responsible fiscal decisions, we position ourselves better to prioritize projects such as this one,” Hoffman said. “It’s critical that we continue this positive momentum and further ramp up investments that support our region’s infrastructure and economic assets.”

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