IBEW Local 1 and the Electrical Connection help St. Louis Science Center celebrate holiday season

Science Center
DAZZLING DISPLAY: In addition to the traditional bow on the James S. McDonnell Planetarium at the St. Louis Science Center, a dazzling new LED display installed by IBEW Local 1 electricians with the support of the Electrical Connection now lights the Forest Park landmark.

St. Louis – The Electrical Connection, a partnership between IBEW Local 1 and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) has created a dazzling new LED display of lighting effects on the Saint Louis Science Center’s James S. McDonnell Planetarium this holiday season.

White lights in swirling patterns and decorative images are projected on the Planetarium’s iconic shell that is illuminated in ever-changing colors each night.

The dramatic lighting display is in addition to the red ribbon and bow that has become a holiday tradition for the St. Louis landmark.


“We are fortunate to have terrific partners and through their generous support,” said Science Center President and CEO Bert Vescolani. “Our new lighting system adds an aesthetic dimension to a structure that has become a beloved fixture not only in Forest Park but the entire St. Louis region.

“The Electrical Connection is a valued partner helping us to promote STEM and robotics education through their on-going and generous contributions,” Vescolani said.


Jim Curran, executive vice president of the Electrical Connection said the relit Planetarium provides a brilliant visual reminder of the great public institutions St. Louis has to offer.

“The world around us is changing and relighting the Planetarium reminds all of us that St. Louis is part of that change,” Curran said.

The new LED system is capable of projecting 16 million variations of colors, images and movement, with decorative patterns produced by six gobo projectors mounted on poles that circle the planetarium.

The system uses almost 70 percent less energy, and the LED lights are expected to last 10 to 12 years with little or no maintenance.

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