IBEW Local 1 introduces new women’s committee

Karaoke night planned for Aug. 25

Missouri Correspondent

IBEW Local 1 has formed a new women’s committee, designed to strengthen the bonds between sisters in the union and bring together Local 1 sisters and brothers and other women in unions in a social environment.

Stacey Bonuso, a 30-year Local IBEW member, attended an IBEW women’s conference in the Twin Cities years ago, and has been excited about the prospect of a local women’s committee ever since.

“I was amazed to hear from all the women who had similar stories, and when they started talking about safety vests designed for women, I was like ‘Tell me more,’” said Bonuso, who is serving as the committee’s president.

The committee’s goal is create a social environment not only for IBEW Local 1 sisters, but for Local 1 brothers, women in other unions as well women seeking to enter the construction trades. The committee also has a charitable arm and is planning several efforts focused on giving back to the local community.

“When I started 30 years ago, seeing another woman on the jobsite was rare,” Bonuso said. “The guys would show me how to lift or move something, and it just didn’t work for me because I’m a woman with a smaller frame. I had to learn how to do it on my own using ergonomics for women.”

Local 1 Business Manager Frank Jacobs said the addition of Local 1’s Women’s Committee adds another option for Local 1 members to become more involved in their union.

“This committee along with our EWMC [Electrical Workers Minority Caucus] and RENEW [Reach-out and Engage Next-Gen Electrical Workers] and our soon-to-be added Veterans Committee will give members more opportunities to interact on a more social level with other members and strengthen the bond between the brothers and sisters of Local 1, which can only strengthen our union.”

Women’s committee meetings will rotate with social events the last Friday of every month and the event will take place in various parts of the Metro Area. Charitable efforts will take place throughout the year.

“The main thing is for us to get together socially,” Bonuso said. “It gets us all in the same room to talk about situations we’ve run into on the jobsite and learn what works and what doesn’t.”

In addition to Bonuso serving as president, the following Local 1 women will serve on the new committee:

  • Kristine Bolton, vice president.
  • Aly Martinez, treasurer.
  • Jill Dunsford Kuhlmann, recording secretary.
  • Tiffany Jones, madam-at-arms.

The next women’s committee social event – karaoke night – will be held Friday, Aug. 25 beginning at 5 p.m. at Keeton’s Double Play, 4944 Christy Blvd., in St. Louis. For more information about the event or the committee, contact Bonuso at staceybonuso3@gmail.com.

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