IBEW Local 309 honors retirees with service award luncheon

Edwardsville, IL – IBEW Local 309 honored its longtime members with a retirees luncheon Nov. 4 at Sunset Hills Country Club in Edwardsville. Veteran members were honored for 50, 55 and 70 years of service.

RETIREES HONORED for their years of membership included (from left) 55-year member James Hankins, 50-year member Richard Buettner, 50-year member Dennis Patterson, 70-year member Frank Hogg, 50-year member Frank Kolda, 50-year member Dave Haas, and 50-year member Dennis Rhymer. – Labor Tribune photo
FRANCIS G. HOGG, 89, (left) is honored with an award for 70 years of membership in IBEW by IBEW 309 Business Manager Chris Hankins. – Labor Tribune photo
IBEW 309 Business Manager Chris Hankins addresses the annual IBEW retiree luncheon in Edwardsville. – Labor Tribune photo








JAMES HANKINS, former assistant business agent for IBEW Local 309, receives his 55-year service award from his son, IBEW 309 Business Manager Chris Hankins. – photo courtesy of IBEW 309
ATTENDEES ENJOYED the annual IBEW retiree luncheon at Sunset Hills Country Club in Edwardsville on Saturday, Nov. 4. – Labor Tribune photo
FATHER AND SON members of IBEW 309 Walter Bohn, Jr. (left) and son Walter Bohn III enjoyed the retirees luncheon on Nov. 4. Walter Bohn Jr. worked 28 years in the field before retiring 13 years ago; Walter Bohn III, has been a member since 1999. – Labor Tribune photo


LONGTIME FRIENDS each other at the annual IBEW 309 retirees luncheon. Theis has been a member of the union for 47 years, and Albers’ husband worked for him. – Labor Tribune photo








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