IBEW Local 4 once again urges public to TURN OFF KSDK


IBEW LOCAL 4 is once again asking St. Louis-area residents to TURN OFF KSDK-TV in response to stalled contract negotiations for the station’s photographers, editors and technicians. Local 4 Business Manager Mike Pendergast said the employees/union members have been working on an expired contract since July 15, and that another negotiating meeting is scheduled for Aug. 23. Meanwhile, the union has erected a billboard (similar to the above graphic) in St. Charles County. In 2015, Local 4 called for a boycott of the station for a similar situation, which was later amicably resolved.


  1. I am honoring the Boycott, even though it’s my favorite News Channel and Anchors !! …Which leads me to my next question !! Aren’t the announcers all in a Union ??? CWA perhaps, because I’m a Pensioner from the I.T.U..( International Typographical) which we merged with over 20 years ago !! Is this just an Informational Picket at this time, or is there even a picket ?? Are the Electicians still working, just without a contract, under the old one ??? This is the main reason I’m writing you is that this has NOT been Publized enough to other Union members !! I wouldn’t have known had I not seen the Billboard mentioned above !!! People need to be informed better !! Thanks !!!


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