IBEW/NECA Electrical Connection celebrates 30th anniversary of +5 New Homeowners Electrical Protection Plan

Nearly 23,000 homes registered in the IBEW/NECA Warranty Program 

SHANE GRASSER, president, Grasser Electric, and Chris Clermont, IBEW Local 1 business representative at the Waterfront at Wildhorse Village luxury home development where homes are covered by the Electrical Connection’s +5 Warranty.

A pioneering residential electrical warranty program by the IBEW/NECA Electrical Connection is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a total of 22,936 new homes registered in the program.

The +5 New Homeowners Electrical Protection Plan provides a quality installation guarantee on new homes wired by Electrical Connection contractors employing members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1. The Electrical Connection is a partnership of IBEW Local 1 and the St. Louis Chapter, National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

The +5 program was the first-of-its-kind locally when it was launched by the Electrical Connection partnership in 1993. It gives enrollees five extra years of free electrical system maintenance beyond the initial one-year builder’s warranty.

“Electrical infrastructure in new homes has come a long way in those 30 years,” said Frank Jacobs, IBEW Local 1 business manager. “It is much more complex as more new homebuyers demand newer technology creating smart homes, reliable home office space for remote working, greater energy efficiency and electric vehicle chargers. We’ve adapted the warranty plan to cover all the new technology, giving homeowners peace of mind that comes with reliable and safe installations.”

In the past 30 years, the program has provided free service calls to 6.8 percent of all homes registered.

“Prospective new home buyers are looking for the best value and reliability” said Kyle McKenna, executive vice president of the St. Louis chapter of NECA. “Our contractors work closely with major homebuilders in the region, reviewing plans and delivering solutions that assure clean installations that comply with the National Electrical Code.

Learn more about the +5 New Homeowners Electrical Protection Plan at electricalconnection.org.


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