Illinois AFL-CIO General Election endorsements


Springfield, IL – More than 100 union delegates from throughout Illinois met here last week to vote on recommended endorsements for the Nov. 6 General Election. Final endorsements were voted on by the Executive Board.

Highlighting the endorsements were statewide candidates Jesse White (Secretary of State), Kwame Raoul (Attorney General), Susana Mendoza (Comptroller) and Mike Frerichs (Treasurer).

JB Pritzker and Juliana Stratton (Governor and Lt. Governor) were endorsed by the Board in April.

Also endorsed were congressional candidates in nationally targeted races, including Sean Casten (6th Congressional District), Brendan Kelly (12th Congressional District), Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (13th Congressional District) and Lauren Underwood (14th Congressional District).

The COPE and Executive Board also issued endorsements for the state legislature, which has been a strong backstop to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s anti-worker agenda.

“Affiliates and delegates and have evaluated the candidates and the issues and we’ve made decisions based on who will support unions and all working families,” said Illinois AFL-CIO President Michael T. Carrigan. “Now we implement the Labor 2018 plan to educate and mobilize the 1.5 million voters from union households toward victory in November.”




JB Pritzker

Lt. Governor

Juliana Stratton

Secretary of State

Jesse White

Attorney General

Kwame Raoul


Susana Mendoza


Michael Frerichs


1st District – Bobby Rush

2nd District – Robin Kelly

3rd District – Dan Lipinski

4th District – Chuy Garcia

5th District – Mike Quigley

6th District – Sean Casten

7th District – Danny Davis

8th District – Raja Krishnamoorthi

9th District – Jan Schakowsky

10th District – Brad Schneider

11th District – Bill Foster

12th District – Brendan Kelly

13th District – Betsy Dirksen Londrigan

14th District – Lauren Underwood

15th District – Kevin Gaither

16th District – Sara Dady

17th District – Cheri Bustos


2nd District – Omar Aquino

3rd District – Mattie Hunter

5th District – Patricia Van Pelt

6th District – John J. Cullerton

8th District – Ram Villivalam

9th District – Laura Fine

11th District – Martin Sandoval

12th District – Steve Landek

14th District – Emil Jones III

15th District – Napoleon Harris

17th District – Elgie Sims

18th District – Bill Cunningham

20th District – Iris Martinez

21st District – Laura Ellman

23rd District – Tom Cullerton

24th District – Suzy Glowiak

26th District – Tom Georges

27th District – Ann Gillespie

29th District – Julie Morrison

30th District – Terry Link

32nd District – Mary Mahady

33rd District – Nancy Zettler

36th District – Gregg Johnson

39th District – Don Harmon

41st District – Bridget Fitzgerald

42nd District – Linda Holmes

45th District – David Simpson

48th District – Andy Manar

56th District – Rachelle Aud Crowe

57th District – Christopher Belt

59th District – Steve Webb


1st District – Aaron Ortiz

2nd District – Theresa Mah

3rd District – Luis Arroyo

4th District – Delia Ramirez

5th District – Lamont Robinson, Jr.

6th District – Sonya Harper

7th District – Chris Welch

8th District – LaShawn Ford

9th District – Art Turner

10th District – Melissa Conyears-Ervin

11th District – Ann Williams

12th District – Sara Feigenholtz

13th District – Greg Harris

14th District – Kelly Cassidy

15th District – John D’Amico

16th District – Lou Lang

17th District – Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz

18th District – Robyn Gabel

19th District – Rob Martwick

21st District – Silvana Tabares

22nd District – Michael J. Madigan

23rd District –  Mike Zalewski

24th District – Lisa Hernandez

25th District – Curtis Tarver II

26th District – Christian Mitchell

27th District – Justin Slaughter

28th District – Robert Rita

29th District – Thaddeus Jones

30th District – Will Davis

31st District – Mary Flowers

32nd District – Andre Thapedi

33rd District – Marcus Evans

35th District – Fran Hurley

36th District – Kelly Burke

37th District – Matt Hunt

38th District – Debbie Meyers-Martin

39th District – Will Guzzardi

40th District – Jaime Andrade

42nd District – Kathleen Carrier

43rd District – Anna Moeller

44th District – Fred Crespo

46th District – Deb Conroy

48th District – Terra Costa Howard

49th District – Karina Villa

50th District – James Leslie

53rd District – Mark Walker

54th District – Maggie Trevor

55th District – Marty Moylan

56th District – Michelle Mussman

57th District – Jonathan Carroll

58th District – Bob Morgan

59th District – Daniel Didech

60th District – Rita Mayfield

61st District – Joyce Mason

62nd District – Sam Yingling

64th District – Trisha Zubert

65th District – Richard Johnson

67th District – Maurice West II

68th District – Jake Castanza

69th District – Angie Bodine

70th District – Paul Stoddard

71st District – Joan Padilla

72nd District – Mike Halpin

76th District – Lance Yednock

77th District – Kathleen Willis

78th District – Camille Lilly

79th District – Lisa Dugan

80th District – Anthony DeLuca

83rd District – Linda Chapa LaVia

84th District – Stephanie Kifowit

85th District – John Connor

86th District – Larry Walsh

88th District – Jill Blair

89th District – Nicholas Hyde

90th District – Amy Davis

91st District – Carolyn Blodgett

92nd District – Jehan Gordon-Booth

93rd District – John Curtis

95th District – Dillon Clark

96th District – Sue Scherer

97th District – Mica Freeman

98th District – Natalie Manley

101st District – Jennifer McMillin

103rd District – Carol Ammons

104th District – Cynthia Cunningham

105th District – Benjamin Webb

107th District – David Seiler

110th District – Shirley Bell

111th District – Monica Bristow

112th District – Katie Stuart

113th District – Jay Hoffman

114th District – LaToya Greenwood

115th District – Marsha Griffin

116th District – Jerry Costello

117th District – Jason Woolard

118th District – Natalie Phelps Finnie


5th Circuit – Kevin Hoerner

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