Josh Hawley is a fraud

Hawley doesn’t support workers

Jefferson City – Republican Senator Josh Hawley made cynical show of visiting UAW Local 2250 workers on the picket line Monday, Sept. 25, at the GM plant in Wentzville, where he hypocritically tried to cast himself as pro-worker while his record tells otherwise.

Jake Hummel, president of the Missouri AFL-CIO, had the following response:

“It’s no surprise that in an election cycle where Josh Hawley will face off against an actual champion for Missouri workers, he suddenly finds his way to a picket line. A champion of the ‘right-to-work’ scam, Josh Hawley, has always sided with massive corporations at the expense of American workers’ jobs. He’s a fraud who doesn’t give a damn about Missouri workers and only shows up when the camera flashes. That’s why we’re committed to helping Lucas Kunce beat him at the ballot box, just like we beat back his ‘right-to-work’ scam in 2018.”

Hawley has a 12 percent lifetime score from the AFL-CIO and a zero percent agreement rating in the most recent United Auto Workers Labor Union scorecard.

Labor and local political leaders are rallying behind Democrat Kunce in his bid to unseat Hawley in next year’s election.

A 13-year Marine veteran, national security expert and antitrust advocate, Kunce has promised to be a warrior for working people in the U.S. Senate.

He received the endorsement of the Missouri AFL-CIO earlier this year.


  • Josh Harley is a disgrace to our state and and our country. He should not be representing us! He is totally out for himself. I’m completely embarrassing that he is our Senator.

  • I totally agree. Hawley does no care one wit for the workers or their families.
    He is a fraud and a poor senator for working people. May I add that he is a total “chicken ‘ as well. I love that shot when he was running out of the Capaital Bldg. from the insurgents like is lying pants were on fire. What a big switch from the happy “power fist” he gave to the insurrectionists. LOL What a scardy cat at his telling exit. Frosting on a rotten cake.

  • I am a door knocker for THE BLUE was told by voter never had a sign in yard but whoever ran against scary cat piece of S..t he will place all over. The signs GO BLUE

  • He’s got my vote ! Josh Hawley is an embarrassment to Missouri. I still remember him putting his little fist up in support of the rioters January 6,
    Then running for his life later on that day. 😏


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