Ken Brooks wraps up five years with Tri-County Labor Club, but not his involvement in the Labor Movement


Ken Brooks, of Sprinkler Fitters Local 268, wrapped up five-years as recording secretary with Tri-County Labor Club recently, but his 21-year membership in his union and the club will stay strong.

Brooks says he stays with the Tri-County Labor Club because of the camaraderie, the like minds and because when someone needs something the Tri-County Labor Club steps up.

Brooks spent 20 years in the corporate world at Ralston-Purina before joining the Sprinkler Fitters.

“I was a member of the Labor Club before I even had my union card,” Brooks recalled. “I was fortunate to get into the Sprinkler Fitters, and I figured if I was going to work in the Labor community, I should join the Labor Club.”

Brooks retired from Local 268 in 2018, but remains active.

“One thing about Labor is that you pick up the phone and people are there,” Brooks said. “I’ll still be involved any time they need me.

“I love the unity and comradery of the Tri-County Labor Club and its involvement with strong members of all unions,” he added. “We all work together. Nothing can beat boots on the ground when it comes to getting things done.”


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