Labor and employee benefits firm Hammond and Shinners, P.C. opens new office in St. Louis County

Hammond and Shinners, P.C., a labor and employee benefits law firm representing workers and unions in the greater St. Louis area, has moved from Clayton to new offices at 13205 Manchester Road in Des Peres, MO.

DES PERES, MO – Labor and employee benefits law firm of Hammond and Shinners, P.C. has officially opened its new headquarters at 13205 Manchester Road.

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger, State Senator Jill Schupp (D-Creve Coeur), State Senator Gina Walsh (D-Bellefontaine Neighbors), a retired member of Heat and Frost Insulators Local 1 and president of the Missouri State Building & Construction Trades Council, and Representative Tracy McCreery (D-St. Louis) were among those in attendance. The firm was previously located in Clayton, MO.

Hammond and Shinners, P.C. was founded in 1979 and specializes in labor and employee benefits law. They represent a large number of unions and Taft-Hartley trust funds in a wide array of industries including construction, utilities, transportation, and service.

“I am excited about the opportunity for our law firm in the new office,” Rick Shinners said. “We have represented working families of our region for over 38 years. Every member of our team believes in what we do. We have all chosen to work in this area of law because of our desire to represent working people.”

Shinners and Cary Hammond founded Hammond and Shinners with Jerome Diekemper in 1979.

In 1983, the firm expanded into the area of workers’ compensation law. Joseph Larrew, Ann Dalton, and Bob Mandava represent injured workers in a large number of occupations.

Shinners, the firm’s Managing Principal, along with Greg Campbell, Sherrie Hall, Janine Martin, Emily Perez, Mary Lindmark, and Nathan Gilbert are all actively involved in labor law and/or employee benefits law.

The firm focuses on clients in Missouri and Illinois, including St. Louis, St. Charles, Cape Girardeau, Jefferson County, and all surrounding areas.

Hammond and Shinners, P.C. was previously located in Clayton, MO.

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