Labor-endorsed propositions, candidates did well in Missouri elections




Voters in Jefferson and Franklin counties voted April 3 to raise their taxes to support law enforcement.

After St. Louis City and County voters last year approved sales tax increases to raise police officer salaries, officials in Jefferson and Franklin counties said they were losing experienced officers to jurisdictions with higher pay.

In Jefferson County, Proposition P, which was recommend by the Jefferson County Labor Club and endorsed by the Greater St. Louis Labor Council, voters approved a 35-cent property tax increase to allow the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to increase deputy pay and manpower. The only other tax the department benefits from is a half-cent sales tax, which was approved in 1988.

Jefferson County Sheriff Dave Marshak said the measure was needed to stem the flow of trained, quality officers leaving the department for better pay in other jurisdictions.

The current starting pay for a deputy in Jefferson County is $37,900 and in 10 years they max out at $46,000. To be competitive with other agencies, Marshak said the department needed to offer starting salaries of $50,000 to $52,000, topping out in the $70,000 range.

Franklin County voters approved a half-cent sales tax, also called Prop. P, recommended by the Franklin County Labor/Political Committee and endorsed by the Labor Council.

One-half of the Franklin County tax, or one-quarter cent, will go for salaries in the sheriff’s department and municipal police departments. The remainder will go toward constructing a new Franklin County jail and communication facilities.

Here’s a look at other Labor Council COPE-endorsed candidates and propositions from the April 3 election. Winners are marked in bold.


City of Arnold

Ward 1 – EJ Fleischmann

Ward 2- Brian McArthur

Ward 3 – Vernon Sullivan

Ward 4 – Gary L. Plunk

Treasurer – Dan Kroupa

Crystal City

Mayor – Thomas V. Schilly

Ward 4 Kenneth Duncan

City of Festus

Ward 1 – Gary Underwood

Ward 2 – Marcus Shepherd

City of Herculaneum

Ward 1 – Dennis H. Tesreau

City of Hillsboro

Ward 1 – Joseph Phillips

Ward 2 – Tim Polkinghorne

City of Pevely

Ward 1- Larry A. Coulson

Ward 2 – Ryan Tucker

Ward 3 – Eric F. Pieper

Ward 4 – Write in candidate William Brooks

Jefferson County 911 Dispatch

District 1 – Vernon Cherry

District 2 – Gary C. Wright

District 2 – Andy Sides

Rock Township Ambulance

Frank Kutilek, Jr

Mark Paul

Valle Ambulance

Larry E. Cain

Becky Lowry

Antonia Fire Protection District

Director – Michael Hennis

Antonia Fire Proposition Fire Safety – Passed

Fox C-6 School District 

Jim Chellew  

Chris Hastings

Dunklin R-V School District

Tammy Heidland

Cheryl Jo Aylesworth

Northwest R-1 School District 

Terri Green


City of Bellefontaine Neighbors

Alderperson Ward 1 – Shirley D. Paro

Alderperson Ward 2 – Scott A. Schultz

City of Black Jack

Councilmember Ward 3 – Arnold Hinkle

City of Ferguson

Councilmember Ward 1 – Ella Jones

Councilmember Ward 2 – Laverne Mitchom

City of Florissant

Councilmember Ward 1 – Colleen Callahan

Councilmember Ward 3 – Joseph Eagan

Councilmember Ward 5 – Keith Schildroth

Councilmember Ward 7 – Jackie Bond Pagano

Councilmember Ward 9 – Tommy Slam

City of Hazelwood

Mayor – Matthew G. Robinson

City of Jennings

Councilmember Ward 1 – Allan Stichnote

City of Maryland Heights

Mayor – Mike Moeller

Councilmember Ward 2 – Kimberly (Kim) Baker

Councilmember Ward 4 – James E. (Jimmy) Carver

Ferguson R-2 School District

Director – Scott Ebert

Director – Courtney Graves

Hazelwood School District

Director – Richard (Rich) A. Roberts

Director – Desiree D. Whitlock

St. Louis Community College

Trustee, Sub District 1 – Lonetta M. Oliver

Metro-North Fire Protection District

Director – Louis F. Schnur

Ferguson Library District Proposition L – Passed


City of Eureka

Alderman Ward 1 – Robert Berry

Alderman Ward 2 – Bryan Kiefer

Proposition E (1/2-cent sales tax increase) – Passed

City of Pacific

Alderman Ward 2 – Herb Adams

Fenton Fire District

Proposition F ($25 million bond issue) – Passed


Kirkwood School District

Board member – Angie Bernardi

Board member – Greg Williams

Mehlville School District

Board member – Lisa Messmer

Board member – Ronald J. Fedorchak


City of Troy

Mayor – Mark Cross

City of Wentzville

Ward 2 – Arthur Bottorff

Ward 3 – Michael Hays

Cottleville Fire Protection District

Mike Reiter

St. Charles Co. Ambulance District #1

Mark Fenton

St. Charles Co. Ambulance District #2

James Cooke

Lake St. Louis Fire Protection District

Richard Thurwachter

Lincoln Co. Ambulance Dist. #2

Jeanine Key

Lincoln Co. Fire Protection Dist. #1

Kathy Kitchen

O’Fallon Fire Protection District

Matt Gober

Wentzville Fire Protection District

Seat A – Jennifer Houston

Seat C – Frank Grassmuck

Wright City Fire Protection District

Christopher Kellner

Proposition C –  Failed

Proposition S – Failed

Public Water Supply District #2

John Cook

Fort Zumwalt R-II School District

Tommy George Jr.

Michael MacCormack

Francis Howell School District

Janet Stiglich

Chad Lange

Proposition Learn – Failed

Lincoln Co. R-IV School District

Jennifer Bryan

City of St. Charles R-VI School District

Virgil Beer Jr.

Wentzville School District

Natalie DeWeese

Brenda Schaper

St. Charles Community College District

Peggy Sherwin

Jean Poggemeier Ehlmann


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