Labor Tribune wins four national labor journalism excellence awards

Labor Tribune LogoThe Labor Tribune is proud to announce that we have been honored by the International Labor Communications Association with four awards for labor journalism excellence covering the 2015 year (with awards made in 2016).

Our winning awards include:

  • 1st Place – Writing: Best Series for State/Local publications: Nuclear Security” a four-part series revealing atrocious work rules and working conditions at Ameren UE’s Callaway nuclear power plant at Fulton, Mo. for their 91 nuclear security guards who were attempting to negotiating a renewal contract. The series was researched and written by Publisher Ed Finkelstein.
  • 2nd Place: Visual Communications: Best Front Page/Newspapers: State/Local publications: Best front page by Labor Tribune senior staff designer Lynn Alpert for the July 30-August 5, 2015 edition. This is an extremely competitive category with hundreds of entries from union papers and magazines across the nation.
  • 2nd Place: Writing: Best Series: State/Local publications:Construction Crisis” detailing the attempt the bricklayer contractors’ association to unilaterally kill Bricklayers Local 1’s current pension plan and replace it with a lesser plan without negotiating the issue as part of contract negotiations that were underway. Allowing that to happen could have set a new precedent for pension plans across America. The issue went to court; the Bricklayers won. The series was researched and written by Publisher Ed Finkelstein.
  • 3rd Place: Visual Communications: Best Illustration: State/Local publications: It’s Christmas Year-Round illustrating the front page of Labor Tribune special Christmas section highlighting the tremendous charity work of our unions not only at Christmas, but throughout the year. This is the second award won by freelance graphic designer, Sprinkler Fitters Local 268’s Sean O’Conner. His graphic for the previous year’s Christmas section front page won a First Place Award.


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