Local unions, Missouri Jobs with Justice join Trans Rights Rally at State Capitol

Jefferson City – LGBTQ+ Missourians have traveled to the State Capitol in Jefferson City week after week of this legislative session to testify against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.

A total of 34 bills that specifically attack the community are being tracked by both PROMO and the ACLU of Missouri. Fifteen, almost half of those, directly target transgender Missourians either by revoking access to medically necessary, lifesaving gender-affirming healthcare or banning kids as young as kindergartners from playing team sports.

On Thursday, March 30, they were joined by union members, Missouri Jobs with Justice activists and community allies in a rally on the Capitol steps.

The Missouri Legislature has sent a clear and pointed message to all trans-Missourians — you are not valued and your very existence can and should be questioned. Politicians are perfectly content using trans bodies and children as political pawns to drive their own agendas in both the House and Senate.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey’s recent “emergency regulation on gender transition interventions”  and announcement of a “tip line” to report “questionable” gender transition interventions also signifies the state’s willingness to not only remain ignorant of the actual needs of trans-Missourians but also its callous attempts to spread misinformation and politicize healthcare for an already at-risk population.    – Philip Deitch photos

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