Meet our new Editor-in-Chief


With added responsibilities pending the retirement of Publisher Ed Finkelstein, Managing Editor Tim Rowden has been named editor-in-chief, Finkelstein announced this week.

“With ownership of the Labor Tribune now passed to the entire bi-state Labor Movement via the newly formed Labor Tribune Governing Board, Tim will continue to guide our award-winning paper into the future with the same determination and skill he has shown as our managing editor for the past 10 years,” Finkelstein said.

As to the issue of his retirement, Finkelstein said a specific date has not yet been set as there is considerable work to be done to ensure a complete and smooth transition.

“And while I’m now using the title of Publisher Emeritus to reflect the upcoming change, I’ll still be writing, editing and working with Tim and our new Business Manager Dan Braun (who also serves as marketing director) to ensure the smooth transition of the newspaper I’ve given my entire working life to. That they will carry on the fighting tradition set by our founder Maury Rubin and I’ve been proud to enhance over the past 50-plus years, is the legacy I hope to leave when I finally put my typewriter (oops, computer) to bed.”



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