Missouri AFL-CIO endorses raising the minimum wage and Clean Missouri ballot initiatives

Missouri’s working families deserve a living wage and a government that is transparent and represents everyday people.

Missourians are gathering petition signatures to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour and to place ethics reform on the ballot in 2018.

“Since the Missouri General Assembly will not act to address these issues, the people are taking their fight to the street,” the Missouri AFL-CIO said in a recent statement.


“Raising the minimum wage, to a living wage, is vital to the growth of working families and to our state,” federation President Mike Louis said. “No one who works full time should have to live in poverty and struggle to put food on the table.”

Raising the minimum wage would help over 350,000 Missourians earn a living wage, allowing parents, and not taxpayers, to provide for their families.

“Working families have waited long enough for politicians to act,” Louis said. “It is time for the people to make their voices heard.”


The Clean Missouri Initiative is desperately needed to make state government more transparent. “Dark money has flooded Missouri to buy our elections,” Louis said. “This initiative would limit this power and hold legislators accountable when they fail to act in the public interest. Our elected officials have failed to act on this issue for years, even with public support.

“The time is now for the people of Missouri to act,” Louis said. “The Missouri AFL-CIO is proud to support these initiatives. These initiatives will benefit all working families of Missouri.
“We encourage everyone to sign the petition, and get out and vote in favor of these ballot initiatives, to return power to the people!”

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