Missouri House overrides Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of paycheck deception


BREAKING NEWS: Jefferson City The Missouri House of Representatives has overridden Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of paycheck deception legislation, narrowly passing the House Bill 1891, requiring public employees such as teachers and mental health workers to give annual written consent for money to be taken out of their paychecks for union dues or political activity, by a vote of 109 to 47, with six members absent. The measure now moves to the Senate.

Missouri AFL-CIO President Mike Louis issued the following statement regarding the House vote to hinder public sector workers’ Constitutionally-guaranteed right to organize and bargain collectively:


“The Missouri House voted today to further skew the political balance of power in our state toward big corporations and wealthy individuals and to silence the voices of working people.

“The sole purpose of paycheck deception legislation is to weaken and ultimately silence the voices of those who speak up for working families. It was unnecessary. Sadly, the House has put corporations before their constituents, the working people of Missouri, by voting to enact paycheck deception into law.

“We thank Governor Nixon for his veto of paycheck deception and for his tireless efforts on behalf of all working people.  And we thank those members of the Missouri House voting to sustain Gov. Nixon’s veto. Organized labor will focus our efforts on electing candidates this November that will support all working families.”

(See full coverage, including how your representative voted in the May 12 print edition of the Labor Tribune.)


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