New Daniel Duncan Archery in the Schools Scholarship Fund supports Missouri youth archers at the MoNASP State Tournament

Jefferson City — The Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation (MCHF) is thrilled to announce the establishment of the Daniel Duncan Archery in the Schools Scholarship Fund, increasing the number of scholarships awarded to student archers at the Missouri National Archery in the Schools Program (MoNASP) State Tournament.

Missouri native and avid conservation supporter, Daniel “Dan” Duncan from Columbia, Mo., has donated to MCHF, creating a scholarship endowment for the MoNASP State Tournament which will support and encourage Missouri youth archers to build confidence and character through the sport of archery.

“The archery in the schools program seemed a perfect fit,” said Duncan. “While it’s primarily indoor, it’s likely to lead to a generation of bowhunters taking to the field. It’s also encouraging that everyone can succeed in archery, regardless of age, gender, social or physical status.”

A couple of years ago, while discussing their last will and testament, Dan’s father and mother, Joe and Carole Duncan, decided to give their sons an advance portion of their estate to donate to a charity of their choosing. Instantly, Dan knew he wanted to donate to a cause in conservation that would help young people in their outdoor pursuits.

After being referred to MCHF by the Missouri Department of Conservation, Dan and Joe spoke with MCHF Executive Director Tricia Burkhardt. While talking with Tricia to discuss giving opportunities, Joe and Dan both knew without hesitation that archery was an excellent fit.

“When we heard the word archery, I’m sure we rattled her eardrums, as we said excitedly, ‘Archery! That’s what we want!’” said Joe.

Previously, MCHF was able to award $20,000 in scholarships to the top three male and females in both bullseye and 3D at the MoNASP State tournament. Contributors that made this possible comprise of $10,000 from MCHF, which includes the Chip and Teresa McGeehan Archery in the Schools Conservation Fund, and a matching grant of $10,000 from the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP).

Now, with the help of the Daniel Duncan Archery in the Schools Scholarship Fund and an additional $5,000 from NASP, MCHF will be able to award $30,000 in scholarships to the top five male and female archers in both bullseye and 3D at the MoNASP State Tournament. Specifically, this endowment will support scholarships for the fifth-place male and female archers in both bullseye and 3D. These scholarships are awarded to students to be used for their education endeavors after graduation.

“This scholarship endowment is an incredible opportunity to offer more student archers support they may need after they graduate high school,” said Burkhardt. “Scholarships given out at the MoNASP State Tournament have made a profound impact on the experiences of youth archers creating new and more personal relationships with conservation and the outdoors. We are so thankful to Dan and his family for their passion for conservation as we award the top male and females for their focus, accuracy and integrity at the state tournament.”

MoNASP is an affiliate of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) promoting education, self-esteem and physical activity for students in grades four-12. MoNASP has grown exponentially to over 800 Missouri schools and 200,000 students exposing more youth to outdoor sports and activities.

The MoNASP State Tournament is the second largest state archery tournament in the nation, and in 2023 brought together more than 5,200 student archers and 24,000 spectators. The 2024 MoNASP State Tournament took place March 20-23 at the Branson Convention Center in Branson, Mo.

“Archery is but one of many bridges between fast paced everyday life and a slower simpler one – we could all use that!” said Dan. “I feel conservation in general is of utmost importance. Passing the richness of the natural world is our obligation to future generations. Their world will be remarkably changed by technology, but the forest, streams, prairies, and wildlife should never be secondary.”

Dan lives with his fiancée, Tanya on a beautifully forested four acres north of Columbia, Mo. Many of his hours are spent fishing on their well-stocked two-and-a-half-acre shared pond. Other hobbies include bow hunting, fishing, birdwatching, Native American artifact collecting, landscaping, gardening, caring for his chickens and poker. Many of his favorite memories revolve around the outdoors, such as, numerous canoe trips taken with his son on various Ozark rivers, sitting in a tree stand before sunrise, watching the world awaken and shooting his largest buck, with a bow of course!

“We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Tricia and the Foundation. She was awesome to work with and made it easy to establish the scholarship fund. Many thanks to her and my mom and dad for this opportunity to positively impact Missouri youth archers and their connection to the outdoors,” said Dan.

To learn more about the Daniel Duncan Archery in the Schools Scholarship Fund, the MoNASP State Tournament or MCHF, call the office at 800.227.1488 or visit the website

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