Next phase of Rebuild Illinois includes millions for local construction

Illinois Correspondent

Rebuild Illinois capital program is launching the largest infrastructure construction program in state history, with $41 billion over six years going into roads, bridges, aviation, rail and more.

“Over the next six years we’re investing over $40 billion to improve all modes of transportation across our great state. That means better roads and bridges, modernized transit and aviation, and expanded and faster passenger rail service,” said Gov. JB Pritzker. “Rebuild Illinois has increased safety, efficiency, and opportunities for residents all over the state, and over the next few years, we will keep building on that progress, with all 102 counties of Illinois included in the multi-year program.”

The program, which covers fiscal years 2024-29, will invest $27 billion in roads and bridges including $4.6 billion for the current fiscal year; $9.8 billion for transit; $2.7 billion for freight and passenger rail; $1.3 billion for aviation; and $190 million for ports and waterways.

The highway program aims to improve 3,006 miles of roads and 9.8 million square feet of bridge deck, as well as maintenance for 738 miles of roads and 1.1 million square feet of bridge deck.

In District 8, which includes most of the metro-east, projects include:

  • $101.9 million for Interstate 270 interchange reconstruction, pavement replacement, bridge replacement and superstructure work from the Chain of Rocks canal to St. Thomas Road in Granite City.
  • $53 million for Illinois Route 4 for resurfacing and new shoulders and drainage along Illinois Route 4 from Interstate 55 to Illinois Route 143.
  • $28.4 million for Illinois routes 162 and 157 for intersection relocation and reconstruction as well as a bridge replacement.
  • $188.3 million for I-255 for resurfacing 20.9 miles and bridge work from Illinois Route 3 to Route 15.
  • $305.5 million for Illinois Route 3 for new construction and renovations from River Park Connector to Monsanto Avenue.
  • $288.3 million for reconstruction of I-55, I-64, U.S. Route 40 and Illinois Route 3 from the Mississippi River to the I-64 interchange.
  • $104 million for new construction connecting Collinsville Road to Illinois 3.
  • $64.8 million to resurface I-64 from Illinois 157 to west of Greenmount Road.
  • $26 million for Illinois Route 177 for new construction from Route 177 to Route 161.
  • Kaskaskia Regional Port District in Red Bud and America’s Central Port District in Granite City will receive improvement projects.
  • Additional projects in Calhoun, Clinton, Greene and Washington counties.

The program was welcomed and praised by state Labor leaders.

“The bipartisan Rebuild Illinois program continues to create union jobs that provide middle-class wages, health care and retirement security in every region of Illinois,” said Tim Drea, president of the Illinois AFL-CIO. “These projects continue to open up new opportunities to create a diverse workforce in road construction, passenger and freight rail transport, and aeronautics to ensure Illinois invests in economic development and continues its role as a leader in all aspects of transportation.”

Chicago Laborers’ District Council Business Manager James P. Connolly thanked Pritzker and the legislature for prioritizing infrastructure investment. “This multi-year program will create good jobs, improve safety, and help grow our economy for the next generation,” he said.

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 President-Business Manager James M. Sweeney called it “good news for every Illinoisan.”

“Illinois’ economy is built upon our status as a commercial hub, and investments like this will allow us to maintain that status for many years to come,” he said. “Gov. Pritzker understands that good infrastructure attracts businesses, creates good middle-class jobs, and keeps motorists safe, but that it requires a continued commitment from state leaders.”

To date, Rebuild Illinois has invested $33.2 billion over six years into the state’s transportation system. In the Metro-East, $211.6 million was invested in a new bridge for I-270 and $146 million for extensive repairs to I-255; $96 million to extend MetroLink to MidAmerica Airport; and more funding for the Route 3 connector, a new interchange on I-255 for Dupo; improvements at Interstates 55-64 at Poplar Street; I-64 at Greenmount Road and Illinois 158; and more.


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