ONE MAN’S VIEW: We have a big (under)dog in Tuesday’s election!

Election Day on Tuesday is more important to our Missouri and Illinois working families than many realize, and too many are taking a “no big deal” attitude that could lead to tragedy for us all!

Because not only are local races for county government and the state legislatures important, but in Missouri the U.S. Senate race could determine whether or not Republicans will have a shot at passing a national “right-to-work (for less)” law, which will impact our working lives like never before; a national abortion ban, which will critically impact the lives of our wives, our mothers, our daughters, our sisters; and the destruction of Social Security you’ve been paying into all your working life expecting support in your retirement and that your aged parents depend on now.

Local and state recommendations/Labor endorsements in Missouri can be found here and in Illinois, they are located here. These are true political LEADERS who have our best interests at heart. They deserve, they have earned, our support next Tuesday. Clip the list and take it with you to the poll; there’s both Democrats and Republicans on it that deserve our votes – The Illinois Workers’ Rights Amendment, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, St. Louis County Executive Sam Page and so many others.

But to me the most crucial race is for the U.S. Senate in Missouri.

The Democrat, Trudy Busch Valentine, is the underdog. Her wealth is unfairly being used against her…but her wealth is the reason I’m voting for her.

Let me explain:

Because she has money, she can’t be bought! All too often we see it happen too late – big business and anti-worker groups pour millions in hidden money into the campaigns of their “chosen” and in turn those “chosen” don’t work for their constituents but rather their donors, and we get screwed.

The opposite is true for Trudy Busch Valentine.

It’s her wealth that allows her to be independent from the money folks looking to destroy us. She can’t be bought!

But for me, there’s a more valid reason.

She could live the life of luxury and not have to work a day in her life, but instead, this now single mother chose to become a nurse and over her career has worked with the elderly, the homeless, children in need and in crisis.

Losing her oldest son to opioids and her husband at 49 to cancer, she’s experienced the heartache, the pain we all go through at times in our lives.

Choosing a career of service instead of a life of luxury says to me, and I hope to you, that she has a heart that makes the difference when it comes to deciding on how to vote on issues – do you vote for your money donors’ self-serving interests that make your campaign possible to keep you reveling in your power, or do you vote for the people who make an honest evaluation of the issues and vote with their heart and conscience to do what’s best for Americans, for Missourians, for working families – for you and me?

Brothers and Sisters, the balance of power in the U.S. Senate is on the line – 50D’s and 50R’s. One person CAN make a difference. Trudy Busch Valentine will vote her heart and common sense, and that means working families, union families, win big.

Her opponent is a professional politician who has used his office to sue everybody in order to gain headlines: China, local school districts and the federal government for trying to protect us from COVID-19. Is this the person we want representing worker’s needs in Washington? A man who is dependent on the monied interests to support his campaign?!

Brothers and Sisters, the choice is clear: we need to create the upset of the year by sending Trudy Busch Valentine to Washington.

Let’s do it for ourselves, our families, the women in our lives! We deserve nothing less.

Missouri deserves, no make that needs, a person who has a heart, can’t be bought, who understands us and will support us because that’s where her heart is – that’s Trudy Busch Valentine on Tuesday!

She may be an underdog, but she’ll be the most honest, fightingest dog we could have in Washington fighting for us!

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