OPINION: Dangerous Constitutional Convention could strip away our rights

Common Cause

Just six states stand between us and a dangerous attempt to radically reshape our Constitution.

I know how this sounds, but I assure you this isn’t some far-fetched conspiracy theory. In fact, experts are calling this the biggest present threat to our democracy.

Let me tell you about the Article V Constitutional Convention (that gives states the power to call a Convention of States to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution.)

The Article V Convention is a secretive plot funded by millions in right-wing dark money from the likes of the Kochs and Mercers. And this plot could give mega-donors and corporations free rein to radically reshape our Constitution against the will of the people – gutting free speech, the right to protest, right to privacy, and more.

The conspirators behind Article V have already passed calls for a Convention in 28 (Missouri included) of the 34 states they need for the event to commence.

Those behind calls for an Article V Convention are counting on their scheme to stay under wraps so they can shred up our Constitution – and the rights you and I depend on – before we even know what’s happening.

Common Cause is sounding the alarm far and wide – bringing this dangerous event into the eyes of the public, and using grassroots power to stop it.

And this people-powered exposé is working. In the past year, we’ve mobilized to roll back calls for Article V Conventions in New Jersey and Illinois. And before that, we rescinded previous calls for a Convention in Colorado, New Hampshire, Delaware, New Mexico, Maryland, and Nevada – in addition to stopping nearly 150 new calls for a convention each year in states across the country.

But don’t let these wins fool you. (While) proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, this fight isn’t over. The extremists and mega-donors behind Article V see us shutting them down – so we can count on them doubling down on their efforts.

Let me be clear: if an Article V Convention is called, unelected, unaccountable delegates will have a chance to write their far-right-wing agenda into our Constitution.

Shredding First Amendment protections. Gutting environmental regulations. Rolling back civil rights advances. And enshrining far-right wing economics as permanent fiscal policy – that will gut Medicare, Medicaid, and other safety-net programs. This is all on the table.

The  stakes are simply too high to lose. And already, the Article V supporters have set their sights on exactly which states they need to win in 2023.

Just six states stand between us and an Article V Convention that will strip away our most important right.

If you want to donate to Common Cause’s fight to protect our democracy and fight Article V, you can make a donation at: https://act.commoncause.org/fundraising/yes-here-is-my-contribution-toward-common-causes-emergency-mobilization-2.

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