OPINION: Trump simply doesn’t care about the lives or livelihoods of working families


President Trump has shown the true measure of his callousness and cruelty by walking away from negotiations on COVID-19 stimulus legislation until after the election. He simply does not care about the lives or livelihoods of anyone outside his family or his rich donor base.

He has no interest in helping the millions upon millions of working families whose lives have been shattered by this public health and economic crisis – who have lost their jobs, who are struggling to make rent, feed their children and keep the lights on.

He doesn’t care about expanding testing and tracing to get this pandemic under control.

He has no empathy for parents struggling with young kids at home because schools can’t open safely.

He is content to gut the public services that sustain and strengthen every community across the country.

Even though everyone from the Federal Reserve chair to bipartisan coalitions of local elected officials to an overwhelming majority of Americans believe we need more stimulus, President Trump wants to keep rigging the economy in favor of the wealthy in order to crush working people. All he cares about is ramming through a Supreme Court nominee so that he can destroy the Affordable Care Act and rip health care away from Americans with preexisting conditions.

But he doesn’t have the last word. That belongs to voters on Nov. 3. Until then, we will do everything in our power to take away the job of every politician, including President Trump, who has tried to take away ours.

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