Painters and Allied Trades members turn out for Day of Community Action

Arnold Painters
Painters with IUPAT District Council 58 turned out at the Arnold Shop ’n Save to help collect food for the Arnold Food Pantry. Lending a hand in the effort were (from left) Matt Neels, Otto Schoenberg, Zack Crites, Lisa Walton, John Buchholz, Amy Stricker and Luke Morgan. – Labor Tribune photos

As part of their Day of Community Action, members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) District Council 58 conducted community food drives April 16 at Shop ’n Save stores in Arnold, Alton and Collinsville to benefit area food pantries and also reglazed windows at one of the food pantries in yet another demonstration of the good union members do in their communities.

Members of Glaziers Local 513 joined in the community service day bringing about 16 members and apprentices to the Community Hope Center in Cottage Hills, IL, to reglaze the windows of the food pantry and community center.


IUPAT members across the United States and Canada worked on projects to better their communities as a part of their annual day of service.

Retiree Dave Wilkerson came out to help with the glazing project.

Although the IUPAT has a long tradition of community service, the goal of the Community Day of Action was to come together as one union, on one day, to make a difference in the many communities in which IUPAT members live and work.

The result was a great success as thousands of volunteers renovated shelters, community centers, youth athletic fields, and low income housing, and spearheaded food drives across North America.  IUPAT groups also held educational forums on immigration, and workers’ rights on the job regarding wages and benefits.

“I was proud to see and hear about IUPAT and community volunteers coming together and working as one across the United States and Canada to make a difference in our communities,” said IUPAT General President Kenneth Rigmaiden. “There’s more work to be done, but I think we’ve made it clear that we are up to the task, and we are looking forward to being an agent of change within our communities.”


Union members are more than advocates for fair wages, rights and benefits on the job.  They are good neighbors who have a long tradition of building up their communities.  The IUPAT Community Day of Action is yet one more example of how organized labor is a positive force for working families – both union and non-union.

Glaziers Local 513 member John Hilboldt (left) and Local 513 Business Rep. Mark Kuhlenberg helped reglaze the windows at the Community Hope Center in Cottage Hills, IL, April 16 as part of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades’ Day of Community Action.

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