Painters DC 58 bannering Helix Realty for dangerous, non-union renovation of Clark School


Painters and Allied Trades District Council 58 is calling out Helix Realty for its dangerous non-union renovation work at the historic Clark School building at 1020 N. Union Blvd. in St. Louis. Helix Realty bought the school from the city and is undertaking a $5 million renovation to convert it into about 40 apartments. Business Representatives Otto Schoenberg (left) and Wendell Harris recently put up a banner outside the school to notify the public that Helix Realty is destroying community standards by paying below area standard wages and benefits negotiated by DC 58 and not following proper safety procedures. The school, which was built in 1907 and closed in 2009, contains lead paint and asbestos, but Helix is undertaking demolition work with no precautions, allowing contaminated dust to fly out of open windows into the surrounding neighborhood. – Painters DC 58 photo


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