Plumbers and Pipefitters 562 teams with Mechanical Contractors to help ‘Our Little Haven’

PLUMBERS & PIPEFITTERS LOCAL 562, members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Eastern Missouri and representatives of Our Little Haven children and family services proudly display the large check presented to the non-profit organization.

Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 562 and the Mechanical Contractors Association of Eastern Missouri and other area contractors recently teamed-up to present a large donation to Our Little Haven, a non-profit organization that provides early intervention services for children and families.

Our Little Haven is a community of professional caregivers that have created a safe, secure and healing environment for those impacted by abuse, neglect and mental or behavioral health needs.

“It is so awesome to be a part of a community that comes together when it matters,” said Local 562 Business Manager John O’Mara.

“It’s so awesome to see the reaction on people’s faces when they see the donation. It is so awesome that 4,000 members, multiple contractors, and organizations in our community come together as one to support those that need it the most.”



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