PRIDE changes name to St. Louis Construction Cooperative

Construction Cooperative
SPIRIT OF COOPERATION – PRIDE of St. Louis Inc. the stalwart labor-management cooperative has changed its name to St. Louis Construction Cooperative. Executive Director Jim LaMantia (left), who announced the name change at the group’s annual awards luncheon on Aug. 27, displays the new logo with Joe Rinke, the original owner co-chair for the SLCC, for whom the Joe Rinke Owner Award is named. – Labor Tribune photo

PRIDE of St. Louis Inc., the 43-year-old labor-management cooperative, has changed its name to Saint Louis Construction Cooperative (SLCC) with the motto “Building Better Together,” Executive Director Jim LaMantia announced at the group’s recent awards luncheon.

“The new name better conveys what we do in labor management, cooperate for the betterment of our industry,” LaMantia said.

The Saint Construction Cooperative was founded in 1972 and is the oldest voluntary local construction labor-management organization in the nation.

For more than 40 years, it has pioneered a collaborative approach to sustaining harmony and building cooperation among St. Louis area AFL-CIO construction craft workers, contractors, construction buyers, architects, engineers and suppliers.

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