Pritzker seeks virus coverage for Medicaid; response fund created


Illinois is submitting two federal waivers for increased Medicaid flexibility that would ensure that eligible residents are covered if they are diagnosed with COVID-19, Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced.

Pritzker is also asking Medicaid to cover out-of-pocket expenses for treatment costs and to streamline the enrollment process.

In addition, Pritzker joined United Way of Illinois and the Alliance of Illinois Community Foundations to launch the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund (ICRF), a new fundraising effort to support nonprofit organizations serving those who have been affected.

The fund will seek to help with emergency food and basic supplies,  interim housing and shelter, primary health care services, utility and financial assistance, support for children and other vulnerable populations; and nonprofit safety and operations assistance.

“My team and I are incredibly grateful for all of the businesses, leaders and organizations who have stepped up to meet this moment,” Pritzker said. “This is a fund to support all of Illinois, from Chicago to Carbondale, Cairo to Rockford. No one is immune to this virus — and nobody should be left to recover without help. We will get through this if we work together and stand up for one another.”

The fund is beginning with nearly $23 million in donations. In coming weeks, the steering committee will disburse funds to charitable organizations serving at-need communities across the state. All donations and distributions will be available to the public. More information can be found at


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