Prop. A is RTW: Vote NO on Prop. A


VOTING ‘NO’ ON PROP. A: Painters and Allied Trades District Council 58’s Otto Schoenberg (left) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1’s Bernie Ryan are voting NO on Proposition A to defeat the phony “right-to-work” in Missouri. We Are Missouri, the coalition of workers and allies working to defeat the measure, had yard signs and stickers available at last week’s meeting of St. Louis Labor Council delegates. To get a sign, bumper sticker or hardhat sticker, contact your union local or the St. Louis Labor Council at 314-291-8666. – Labor Tribune photo


  1. I would like to say I will vote no on prop a. And I don’t believe in it at all and never have . I would like to have a few signs and bumper stickers and t-shirts. I am so against this prop at all, or any props. for that matter. I work as a union concrete driver at Schreiter Concrete in Wright City feel free to come on in and post a sign.


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