Rage Against the Machine guitarist stands with striking workers in new music video ‘Hold the Line’

HOLD THE LINE: Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello (left) and his solo group featuring Grandson (right) recorded a special performance of their new song supporting striking workers called “Hold the Line” for the Nov. 16 Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show. – Tonight Show screencap

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello is standing with thousands of striking workers across the country with a new music video called “Hold the Line: Union Strong Edit.”

The song, which features Grandson as the lead singer, was released in October on Morello’s second solo collaborative album “The Atlas Underground Fire.” The song features his signature sound and the high energy that you would expect from his music.

The four-minute music video shows the band performing in a small room spliced with photos and video of striking workers nationwide from today and years past. Some of the more recent actions highlighted in the video include striking UAW members at John Deere and striking BCTGM workers at Kellogg’s.

The timely video has premiered during a wave of strikes across the nation. Morello and the group recorded a special performance for the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show, which aired Nov. 16.

You can find the special music video at labor411.org/411-blog/tom-morello-releases-music-video-supporting-striking-workers/.


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