Richmond Heights, Carbondale Starbucks workers secure landslide victories in union election

– Joshua Bessex/Associated Press photo

Starbucks workers at the Dale Avenue location in Richmond Heights and the E. Main St. location in Carbondale won their union elections last week on votes of 22-3 in Richmond Heights and 11-2 in Carbondale.

Richmond Heights becomes the fifth unionized Starbucks location in St. Louis area, following locations at Lindbergh & Clayton, Kingshighway & Chippewa, Hampton and Wise, and Hwy. 141 and I-44.

The Carbondale location is the first unionized Starbucks in southern Illinois.

The Starbucks Workers United Movement has reached at least 210 unionized Starbucks locations.

Sadah Weitzel, a worker from Hanley and Dale, expressed:

“Our store started acting in solidarity with each other long before this decisive victory,” said Sadah Weitzel of the Richmond Heights store. “We are excited to be seen for what we are, a united front! Any obstacles we had to overcome were external, and our team is more tight-knit than ever as we head towards the bargaining table.”

Carbondale workers added this comment:

“It just goes to show that efforts to build a better future for everyone are worthwhile.”

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