Schnucks strike averted: Members of Meat, Seafood & Deli Workers Local 88 overwhelmingly ratify third contract proposal


The possibility of a bi-state shutdown of Schnucks Markets by Meat, Seafood & Deli Workers (UFCW) Local 88 was avoided last week with after members voted by an overwhelming 73.6 percent to accept a third proposal on a new three-year contract, Local 88 President Dan Telle announced.

Members had overwhelmingly rejected two previous contract proposals as insufficient.

The new agreement includes wage and benefit increases, job protections for full- and part-time members and changes to the contract language that the union has sought for years.

“I am so proud of Local 88 members,” Telle said. “They stood together not once, but twice, to get themselves an amicable agreement from the company. They have proved, once again, that solidarity works.”

Telle expressed a special “THANK YOU” from Local 88 to:

• Two sister United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) locals, Local 655 in Missouri and Local 881 in Southern Illinois. Local 88 has members in 66 stores throughout the region. Both unions made it clear that they would unequivocally support Local 88 if picket lines went up, effectively shutting down the entire Schnucks operation.

• The Community of Labor for their announced support of a potential strike, “which was overwhelming, vital to an ultimate victory and warmly appreciated,” Telle said, adding, “This again makes it clear, that when brother and sisters united in their unions stand together, anything is possible.”

He noted that after a second story was published in the Labor Tribune announcing the union’s overwhelming rejection of the second contract proposal, “The phones with offers of support began ringing off the hook.”

Local 88 members had rejected the two previous contract proposals with the largest turnout of members voting in the union’s history.

UFCW Regional 6 Director Tish Ramirez, Assistant to the Director Jose’ Bustos and Bargaining Representative Georges Tounou assisted in the negotiation of the final successful contract.



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