St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger earns unanimous endorsement of first responders


Clayton, MO – St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger has earned the endorsement of both the St. Louis County Police Association and Fire Fighters Local 2665.

“I’m honored to have the support of the first responders representing St. Louis County,” said Stenger. “We are all working together to make St. Louis County safer.”

Matt Crecelius, business manager for the St. Louis County Police Association, said Stenger’s leadership in crafting and supporting the Proposition P sales tax increase to boost police and fire fighter salaries and his support of collective bargaining demonstrated his support for first responders and Missouri workers.

“Shortly after his election in 2014, Mr. Stenger offered his unwavering support of the collective bargaining process which brought what is widely considered one of the best agreements for the employment rights of police officers in the State of Missouri,” Crecelius said. “This collective bargaining agreement ensured the fair treatment of those who were sworn to protect the lives of others.

“As the leader of the state’s most populous county, Mr. Stenger recognized the need for substantial increases to police manpower, safety, equipment and training as well as significant infrastructure improvements,” Crecelius added.

“Not only were these critical needs recognized, Mr. Stenger was on the forefront of the issue by crafting and supporting Proposition P – a piece of legislation which stood to change law enforcement in the region forever.”

Corey Hogan, executive vice president of Fire Fighters Local 2665, said Stenger has changed for the better the relationship between fire fighters and county officials.

“Steve from day one has listened to us,” Hogan said. “In the past, we had issues getting access to people and getting our concerns out there.

“Steve has not only heard us, he’s given us a seat at the table. With all the uncertainty with the city/county merger and everything else that would go with that — Steve would defer to the fire service, and listen to the chiefs in the area that we work with as well and just give us an ear, and he always has.”

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Stenger signs minority inclusion bill

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger recently signed a minority inclusion bill that will apply to county government contracts. The legislation mandates that certain percentages of county contracts related to construction, architecture and engineering projects go to minority- and women-owned businesses. 

The minority inclusion legislation follows the first-ever county disparity study, which Stenger commissioned in 2015.

“The findings from this landmark study are helping us establish a baseline from which to build a fair and equitable program for minority and women business enterprises, as well as businesses owned by veterans and service-disabled veterans,” Stenger said.

“Providing more opportunities for minority, women and veteran contractors will increase competition, benefit county taxpayers and improve our economy.”

In keeping with the disparity study findings, Stenger’s office is in the process of hiring a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) to lead and oversee all areas of diversity for the county, including implementing the disparity study’s recommendations.



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