St. Louis Labor Council Labor Festival Aug. 27 will feature men’s and women’s tug-o-war, music, fun for the kids


Florissant, MO – The St. Louis Labor Council will host its first ever Labor Festival Sunday, Aug. 27 – the weekend before Labor Day – from noon to 4 the Knights of Columbus in Florissant.

St. Louis Labor Council President Pat White said the event will be held in lieu of the regular Labor Day parade held in downtown St. Louis.

“Several groups mentioned that they wanted to try something different this year on a non-holiday weekend, so we’re trying something new,” White said. “We’re going to have a men’s and women’s tug-o-war. There will also be live music, fun for the kids and other adult activities, along with food and beverages.

“We will have hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and refreshments,” White said. “Organizations are also free to bring their own beverages.”

The Labor Council is asking locals with more than a thousand members to donate $500, and Locals with less than a thousand $250.

The tug-o-war rules for men’s and women’s teams are as follows.

For men’s teams:
• Participants must be part of the organization sponsoring the team.
• No more than six participants.
• Total weight of the team cannot exceed 1,500 pounds.
• Entry fee is $150.

For women’s teams:
• Participants can come from any Labor organization
• No more than six participants.
• Entry fee is $150.

For more information, to get involved or to help sponsor the event, contact the St. Louis Labor Council at 314-291-8666.

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  • I am disappointed to hear that there won’t be a Labor Day Parade in downtown St. Louis this year. While I am not a union member myself (The Archdiocese of St. Louis years ago forbid elementary Catholic teachers the right to vote one in.), it has been an annual tradition to attend the parade ever since I was a child. My dad worked at the old GM plant before there was even a U.A.W. and proudly marched in the downtown parade every year. This is the ONE time every year that union folks in St. Louis can show their solidarity PUBLICLY. This would be the FIRST time (minus the Covid yrs.) that I can remember not having a downtown St. Louis Labor Day Parade.


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